Saturday, November 19, 2005


kasih ibu kepada beta
tak terhingga sepanjang masa
hanya memberi
tak harap kembali
bagai sang surya
menyinari dunia

To listen to the melody in MIDI , click here

Friday, November 11, 2005

Low Tide

I wrote a tribute to DZ's Gongkapas Times some time ago and managed to put it in line for Misha Omar's next album. However just this morning, the producer cum arranger took it out of the project. My guess is that there must be some dispute going on that I don't know about. It's not like it was rejected, but withdrawn, apa agaknya masalah dia eh? I was thinking of Misha's ethereal vocal prowess when I wrote "Haruskah Terpisah". I am definitely disappointed but then that is the nature of the profession. Even if you think your work might kick an a** or two, or just a few, occupational hazards are inevitable. Maybe I should consider a new job, tutup kedai. Eh eh, buat perangai lagi hari ni...macam attention-seeking pulak eh? I think it is more of an attention-deficit problem. I must learn to focus to do one thing well rather than poking my fingers in way too many pies.
Jom tengok apa ada dalam fridge? Courtesy of the SB Diet Success Story.

All the way from San Francisco. Awesome!

Whoopeee! Whopper's Malted Milk Balls

Please ignore the small prints

So if you think my pipi bulat, you blame my twin okay? *wink*

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bay Window Bi*ching

So, have you all recovered from Eid Ul Indigestion that seems to be the commonest bug post-festivities? In all avoirdupois Boteroesque glory, the portly paunch is extra jiggly(Hallo there, my perut sayang...*wave wave*) and hey, I think the chin has doubled too. A quick once over reveals that I might have to go shopping for new pants soon. The weighing scale is dangerously tipping towards unhealthy BMI...Yikes! Okay, you can skip reading this if you're having a bad day, cuz there will be whining aplenty as the paras progress. I have been drumming over and over again about how much I would like to lose weight but not really getting down to the business of doing something about it, instead I keep buttering up the already so bountiful bulge with my makan sakan; gluttony. Not really helping eh?
Reality check, do I feel attractive? Not quite there yet lah, but then bersyukurlah. It's not like I am a waddling dugong with lipatan-lipatan melimpah ruah; overflowing, swelling folds (of fat). Okaylah, there are a few lipatan that needs to be toned up if I go to the extent of letting somebody do a pinch test on me.Some of the folds look inflated because of the accumulation of lipids under the skin. But do I want to give up my makan? It's not like I eat around the clock. But why am I disturbed when somebody notices that my face is round? Or that I always talk about food, which is, all together now, pretty much ALL THE TIME! But why am I panicky when CA lost 10 kilos post-Ramadhan without even thinking about cutting down? My recent trip to the pharmacy also a heart-pain(sic) one , I was bombarded with longwinded explication of the various products that can help me lose weight. Whatever confidence I have about being just right for a 30 year old, and a mom at that, went down the drain. And remarks about how I maintained my tembun-ness despite Aishah being an active and boisterous baby are bordering hurtful.

Some people do have the good heart of telling me, hey, people won't notice your being abnormally and unfashionably horizontally challenged, because you have an interesting personality. Yeah, thanks guys, I know that literally translates, "OYY, WHY YOU STILL FAT?!!"

Saturday, November 05, 2005


I tell you, Aishah really needs to be brainwashed at some point lah! She likes to do the opposite of things. Benda lain excusable la jugak, ni dah kiblat songsang ni, abih tu tangan tarok belakang. Ish, budak-budak sekarang....

High and Low

Pakwe Usop aka Tok Sidang Logo
Pakwe, the Bugis clan patriarch is visibly ecstatic to see all his anak-cucu-cicit home for Raya. It's hard to believe that a few months back he was incapacitated, in the ICU and pretty much in the woods. His appetite is good and he is back to his old jovial chaq-bei-liao self. Alhamdulillah.
Jom nyorok belakang badan orang supaya tak nampak gumuk

Bapak( my father in law) on the other hand, is not in the mood to celebrate. He even refused to put on his kurta. Kesian Bapak. His legs have been giving him a terrible time. Even the doctors could not give a proper diagnosis. My Googling efforts gathered that he is suffering for the side effects of diabetic and hypertensive cocktail. MIL is also not very happy this time around as my SIL is away in Lahore. Lin had wanted to come back but MIL encouraged her to celebrate Eid with her husband this time since Lin came back to Singapore 3 years in a row previously. Little that she knew, the Lahori family do not celebrate Eid, and engage in mournful activities(cannot gripe about it because it is their culture) in memory of Lin's mother in law who succumbed to cancer 3 years ago. So now MIL feels bad for not letting Lin come back. Nangis-nangis budak tu nak balik. Kesian.

Ayah and Mak eating my lauk, while Diana,our pastry chef ngendeng nak masuk gambar.

Recent development on my Mak is also not very encouraging. Sigh. Make du'a we shall. Can't report much because I sedih la...

Mommie, where's my cow?

Aishah kalau balik kampung, she would do an "Ian Wright" and explore every nook and cranny to find Old McDonald's Farm. We found the goats and chickens easily. But the cows were MIA. When we found one, it looked sad.

Apo kono lombu ni? Sodeh ko?

Maybe they are traumatised by the number of their peers expiring in the rendang for Eid, so they went into hiding.